Volcanoids: Steampunk Survival Game


Volcanoids is a really unique survival game developed by Volcanoid s.r.o. The tiny team consists of core individuals coming from the Czech studio Keen Software House, which stands behind the highly successful game Space Engineers.

Be sure to check it out on Steam!

Ewout van Roon & David Wurczel:

Universe Suite & Mother Sea Symphony


Ewout van Roon is a fabulous Dutch video artist who joined David Wurczel on his Dutch concert tour in September 2016. The two performed a unique video-concert programme which was a fusion of projected visual art and guitar music performed live.

As the show has proven to be a success, Ewout and David agreed that they should make the programme even better and create a solid, original show of art, Video-concert Universe Suite.

Today, the Universe Suite video-concert is a major part of David's concert programmes and specific music shows. For more information, please see the Concert Guitar tab.

Furthermore, there is a secret video-symphonic project currently in the making.

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