Note: This is not a full list of all finished projects but rather a list of the most notable finished projects.

Blue City - Student Short Film Score


This score was written, mixed and edited into the movie as the final assignment of Berklee School of Music's Online Film Scoring course.

The Film Scoring course was one of three courses taken under the Specialist Certificate studies at Berklee School of Music Online.

Život/Life - Bachelor Animated Short Film Score


This movie is an animated short written, directed, designed and animated by Lenka Weberova, a Bachelor graduate of Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Písek. 

David was asked to compose the soundtrack for this short several months after he graduated as BcA. from the same academy.

Splash - Weekly Audioblog

Splash is the name of a weekly student audioblog. Recorded in the academical environment of International Art Campus Prague.


The conception for this project was to create a free, lively, and a bit dirty news channel that the students would enjoy listening.


Jingle author and audioblog dramaturgist: David Wurczel.

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